Outdoor Wall Decals


Size: 1x2 ft (12x24 inches)
Shape: Square / Rectangle

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Outdoor wall decals, also known as outdoor wall stickers or outdoor wall graphics, are perfect for customizing storefronts, office buildings, schools and more. Unlike most outdoor wall graphics, ours are manufactured out of an aluminum foil base that’s both recyclable and PVC-free. Its superior adhesive and quality gives it a longer lifespan versus vinyl alternatives, as well as the ability to conform to virtually any unsmooth or uneven surface.
The aluminum base also boasts more vibrant colors, better visibility day and night, all while being abrasion and weather resistant. Best of all, no special tools are required for installation: it’s as easy as peeling and placing on any exterior wall!
Use them to advertise ongoing sales, to guide customers, brand walls for events, and more!

We could help with installation (an extra charge applies)

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