Terms and Conditions and pricing are subject to change without prior notification.

We, Goshiki, assume our terms and condition of sales be agreed by customers upon their approval on estimate/order of the job.

Price are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation fee shall be charged 100% after customer approval of the proof for print orders. Cancellation fee of 30% for design job will be charged after 1st design proposal, 100% after finalization of artwork.

Return policy:
No orders will be accepted for return and/or credit without the prior consent of Goshiki. Customers need to notify Goshiki within 15 days after delivery.

Work policy:
Goshiki has all right reserved to refuse the work based on the company regulations, which include:

Anti-social/cult contents, illegal documents, and others Goshiki believes not appropriate to print for public.

Customers assume total liability for service/products manufactured to specifications submitted to printing manufacturer and will defend, hold harmless and indemnify manufacturer from claims of copyright, patent and intellectual rights infringement.

Liability for any mistake on an order is limited to the cost of the products/service. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face heareof and Goshiki's liability is expressly limited to the value of any goods described here in which fail to conform to the description and, at the Goshiki's option, to effect redo to replacement of order or credit customers.
Goshiki has all right to use and coordinate with a third party vendor to conduct the full job ordered by customer.

Privacy Policy:
Customer shall allow Goshiki to release information given by customer to third party vendor only to process the job customer asked to do. Goshiki can have individual privacy agreement with customer upon customer's request.

Goshiki shall keep customer's files for 2 years, however, not guarantee to keep beyond 2years. Therefore, it is encouraged for customer to keep his or her own files.
Colors printed with the same file, as reorder can be slightly different.
Goshiki is not liable for the delay/misplacement by shipping company such as Fedex, UPS, and USPS. Goshiki provides tracking number and customer needs to contact the shipping company about their orders.

Payment policy:
All checks/cash will be received and credited subject to final delivery at par. Not withstanding any other terms of payment specified.

Payment by term is only available for regular customers with approval by our accounting department. Credit terms of sales are NET 15days if given.

First time customers need to pay 50% of the job when ordering the job and pay the rest when pick up the job.

1.5% late charge per month on past due balances.

After payment due date, late fee of 1.5% per month will be charged monthly until the payment is settled. Customers with outstanding bills need to wait to order next job until the outstanding bill is cleared.
Any amounts owing Goshiki shall be due and payable immediately, if: (1) Customer ceases doing business, terminates it's existence or enters into liquidation; 2) Customer becomes insolvent; 3) a receiver is appointed to hold, manage or operate Customer's property or business; 4) there is an assignment of Customer's property or business for the benefit of creditor's; or 5) proceeding are instituted by or against Customer under any bankruptcy or insolvency law.

In the event suit is necessary to enforce hereof, customer agrees to pay a reasonable attorney fees and any court cost incurred thereby.

Emergency Policy:
Goshiki shall stop its operation and not liable for the delay under the power outage, natural disaster, or government decisions.

Customer and Goshiki shall solve the dispute arisen in the course under the law of California.