PDF/X1-a Submission

In the past, "PDF export" was a complicated procedure, and errors often occurred during output at printing companies.
Today, however, many of the problems have been solved and PDFs can be exported easily. Once the initial settings are made, all you have to do is to export the next time.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Advantages of PDF/X1-a Submission

PDF submission.png__PID:d153ae9f-4ed2-4e94-90d9-c44e24af41dc

1. Only PDF/X1-a files need to be submitted
2. Data defects are unlikely to occur.
3. Easy to prevent delivery date changes!

Let's switch to PDF/X1-a submission, which is full of good things.


Adobe Illustrator CS2 or higher
Adobe InDesign CS2 or higher

*PDF files created in environments other than those listed above will be considered PDF(Other) and are not eligible for this service.
Please understand this beforehand.

*If you are using Office software, please use our conversion service.
For details, please refer to "Conversion of Microsoft Office data to print-ready data".

Procedure for saving in PDF/X1-a format

Download Presets

Please download the preset corresponding to the application you are using to your PC from the following link.
Please unzip the downloaded compressed file (ZIP format) before use.

Download Presets Files

How to save PDF/X1-a format

Register the downloaded preset in the application. (First time only)
Please select the application (Illustrator or InDesign) you will use and follow the instructions to register.
If you have already registered the preset in Illustrator or InDesign, there is no need to register it, so please proceed to STEP3.

How to save PDF

*Please do not change the contents of the presets.
If they are changed, they may be judged as "out of default" during the data check.(You may change the items related to "General/Page" in InDesign.)

Save the PDF file using the registered preset.
Please select the application (Illustrator or InDesign) you will use and save the file according to the instructions.

PDF Self Check

Please self-checking of exported PDF data!
By checking the data to be submitted in advance, you can prevent problems such as delivery delays.

If you submit PDF data within the regulations, the output sample data is not necessary, so please be sure to check the design by yourself.

Sample of our regulation PDF

PDF submission (1).png__PID:1da2e8fb-fbc1-43a8-9daf-57c591ec9ecb

*Even if the above conditions are met, deficiencies may be found during the data check.
About perfect print ready data

Check saved PDFs

Use "Adobe Acrobat pro" or "Acrobat Reader" to check the data.
Please select the application (Adobe Acrobat pro or Acrobat Reader) you wish to use and save the data according to the instructions.
If you do not have "Adobe Acrobat pro" or "Acrobat Reader", please download them from here.