EDDM Service

(Design + printing + address printing + shipping)


Regular Post Card Size
Postcard-sized EDDMs such as 4x6 and 5x7 etc.


Envelope + Enclosure
You can ship flyers, samples, etc. in envelopes.
Envelope sizes vary from #10 to 9 x 12"


Flyer type
Flyer type is rich in information.
It is available in a variety of sizes, including letter size.

Our EDDM Service

We will enclose and seal Postcards, booklets, labels, etc. created by customers, and ship it from the post office. We could also help with design as well as shipping after receiving print data from you. You can save yourself the trouble of sticking labels yourself.

Why Choose Us

Lowest Price in the Industry

GOSHIKI USA receives many printing orders from customers throughout the U.S. , enabling us to lower the cost of printing per company.
This is one of the strengths of having our own factories.

Easy Ordering

First of all, Please inquire us by e-mail or phone.
After confirming the contents, we will propose a quotation.
Once approved, we will proceed to the production and print the address based on the customer's list.
Then, We will do the rest, arranging for USPS to each door.

Company List

We have the specified format (Excel) for the destination list.
Please enter your list according to the format.
Download the format from here

Handling of personal information

Our company complies with the protection of personal information at the head office in Japan. For more information, please visit a site below.

Customer Support

We are available by email 24 hours a day and by phone until 7:00 pm.

Toll free: 888-316-7177
WEST: 949-475-9608
EAST: 917-754-7216


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