10ft SEG Backlit Popup Display


Print side: single sided

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An affordable and compact choice, our illuminated pop-up display is perfect for eye-level marketing opportunities. Suitable for placement on a table or stand, this display is an attention grabber that is sure to impress potential customers and clientele.

Our Popup hardware makes for quick and easy assembly at tradeshows, events and in-store marketing. The interior LED lights really plus up the backlit fabric prints, adding pop to this Popup display.


High resolution UV printed
UV safe that will last for years
Blackout Fabric included for Single Sided option

6 oz. Premium Backlit Fabric
Aluminum Frame
Size and Weight:

Assembled Dimensions: 117.3"W x 87.8"H x 15"D
Weight: 44 lb (box1) and 13 lb (box2)
Package Size: 38"W x 14.5"H x 11"D (box1) and 30"W x 8"H x 5.5"D (box2)

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