Printing in United States

The United States covers an expansive land area of 9,830,000 square kilometers, which is 25 times larger than Japan's land area. Additionally, its population exceeds 300 million, making it three times more populous than Japan.

Unlike Japan, where one-stop services within the printing industry are prevalent, such comprehensive offerings are rare in the United States.
Instead, brokerage practices are more common, possibly due to established business norms.
The industry is typically divided into separate printing and processing sectors, each operating within their specific trade regions.

In contrast to Japan, it's customary in the United States for customers to collect their orders directly from the printing companies' premises.
Unlike Japan, subcontractors generally don't provide free delivery services.
This is likely influenced by the vast size of the country, making timely deliveries challenging, and occasionally leading to products being damaged during transportation.

Our Business Strengths

Local printing company

- Specializes in high-volume printingPrinting more than 5,000 copies is inexpensive, but less than 5,000 copies is expensive.

- Quality control is difficult because printing is done in multiple batches.

- Not good at small-lot, multi-variety printing

- Less than 1000 copies
- High-mix, small-lot production
- Quality control
- Price range between local and online
- Short delivery time

No intermediate area yet

Online Shopping company

- Sells the same products as the local printing company
- Sold by the local printing company
- Prices are lower than local companiesIncomplete data is not handled
- Because they are inexpensive, the workmanship is often shoddy.

Our Printing Method

1. The same pattern is printed side by side on a single sheet of paper.
2. Therefore, color blurring is relatively small
3. Color adjustment is also possible.
4. Printing is possible in single-sheet units.