STEP 1. Please take a picture (or scan) of your business card / envelope etc

 ▋Please take a clear picture (scan) of your business card / envelope with your smartphone, digital camera, or scanner.

 ▋Supported image formats are jpg, png, and pdf.

 Take a picture from the front, avoiding camera shake, to avoid shadows as much as possible.

 ▋Please email the captured data in (jpeg(jpg), png, pdf format)

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snapNorder2 big
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(STEP 2.) If you have logo data or PDF print file, etc. already you may skip step 1 above.

STEP 3. Please send a sample business card to the following address as we will check the finish.

17972 Sky Park Circle, Building 47 Suite E, Irvine, CA 92614

STEP 4. We will propose a quote as soon as the above 1 and 3 are available.
Not only business cards but also envelopes and shop cards are supported.

Rough estimate:

Conditions: Process entirely without logo data
Logo Trace fee:                              $50.00
Initial Setup fee:                             $30.00
Print Cost 100 piece (1 side)        $13.99
Shipping/Handling                        $15.00


Conditions: When logo data is submitted
Initial Setup fee:                              $30.00
Print Cost 100 piece (1 side)         $13.99
Shipping/Handling                         $15.00

Total                                                 $58.99


* If there are multiple names, the name change fee is $ 5 per person.
* The paper is calculated using our regular paper.
* Adding QR code and/or Photo is free of charge, However If you would like us to modify images, an additional fee applies.

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