What is Finished Line?

Finished lines are lines that are pre-drawn at the finished position to make it easier to visualize the finished printed material at the time of design.
Normally, these lines must be erased when the data is submitted for printing.

Finished lines do not constitute incomplete data

Finished lines are regarded as design and the printing process proceeds.

If the finished lines are left as they are, they will be printed together with the design.
Therefore, the finished line will remain on the printed piece.
In addition, due to slight deviations that occur during the cutting process, the degree of remaining finish lines will not be consistent.

* Instead of using solid lines as a guide for the finished design, you can use the artboard frame (Illustrator) to create the image,
We recommend using guide lines.

Cutting of lines near the finished size

Depending on the misalignment during cutting, the finished line may remain or be cut off.
The width of the misalignment is not constant depending on the humidity and paper quality.
As shown in the figure below, care should be taken when designing a design that leaves a line near the finished size.

When creating a design that looks as if it has a border, be sure to create a solid bleed to 0.125inch (3mm) outside of the fill.