Order Flow

Create an Account

1. Click to start creating an account

If you are a new customer, click the icon that looks like a human located on top right corner of the page for creating an account to start

2. Insert necessary information

Click "Create account"
Input your account info on the next page

3. Confirmation Email

When the account is successfully created, you will receive confirmation email.
Click "Visit our store" to start shopping

Place an Order

1. Pick and choose desired products

Choose from variety products we have to offer. Simply pick one to start

2. Click Qty&Pricing

  1. Pick Size
  2. Pick number of sides to print on
  3. Pick Quantity
  4. Upload a print data if you already have one. if not, ask us for help with design your product
  5. When you need help with design, click yes to design help

3. Check Out

If all the information on the page is accurate, click "Check Out" button to proceed

4. Make a payment

Double check the order summery then proceed with payment

5. Ship to Address

Input shipping info for smooth shipment

6. Pay with a Credit Card

Input card information to complete the transactoion