Application Versions and File Format

The computable Microsoft Office softwares are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher for Windows Version ONLY.

Software Version File Format
2007~2019 · Office365
doc · docx
2007~2019 · Office365
ppt · pptx
2007~2019 · Office365
xls · xlsx
Publisher 2007 pub

*CAUTION: The Mackintosh version of Microsoft Office are incompatible. Please save and submit the data as PDF. Please understand that we cannot respond on how to convert the data to PDF.

Converting the Microsoft Office Data to Print-ready File Format

Conversion Fee and Additional Business Day

The data made with Microsoft Office software cannot be used for printing. We will convert the date for print-ready format. There will be an additional fee and additional business day for the conversion and proofreading process.

 Product Example Conversion Fee Additional Business day
1 Sheet (Card · Flyer · leaflet  ·Poster) 1 Side Product Price + Conversion Fee ($11) +1 Day
1 Sheet (Card · Flyer · leaflet ·Poster) 2 Side
Product Price + Conversion Fee ($22) +1 Day
Booklet (Saddle stitch · Perfect binding) Product Price + Conversion Fee ($5 x Number of Pages) +1 Day
Half Fold Pamphlet (4 Pages) Product Price + Conversion Fee ($44) +1 Day
Three Fold Pamphlet (6 Pages · Roll Fold) Product Pice + Conversion Fee ($66) +1 Day
Four Fold Pamphlet (8 Pages · Gate Fold) Product Price + Conversion Fee ($88) +1 Day


▋Checking Process

After the conversion, the client will check (proofread) and confirm the data. 

We cannot make changes in design. (Font changes, color changes, and swapping images.) The client needs to proofread and resubmitting data.

*Please check your data and respond with a confirmation

Please check the converted data that attached to the email we send to you. The processing days would be counted from when we receive your confirmation. After the confirmation we will not accept re-printing.

Why You Need to Check the Data (Proofreading)

▋Coloring Changes

Data created in Microsoft Office uses RGB color setting (RGB), which is a different from CMYK color setting (CMYK) used in physical printing. When the data is converted to a print-ready file format, the color setting automatically adjusts to CMYK. CMYK setting has a wide range of colors, but is limited compared to the RGB color profile. Therefore there will be some color differences that occur when RGB gets converted to CMYK. We cannot adjust the coloring when it is converted. You need to check to confirm that the color that gets printed is what you intend.

▋Image Size and Layout

Sometimes the image size and layout gets shifted when it is converted. We would not know how shifted the image/layout might be from the submitted image. Please check the converted data before confirming.  


When there are any "missing fonts" in your submission, the fonts get automatically replaced with different fonts. This may cause sifts in the layouts and overall design. 

*"kyūji" (Older Japanese character form) and "Gaiji" (characters not registered in an existing font) can results in incorrect output. Please avoid using Kyuji or Gaiji.

Color density variances that may occur are not applicable for data check.
*If a client wish to re-print due to color density variances, the re-printing cost will be covered by the client.