Origin of the company name

The company name "Goshiki" finds its roots in a section of Sun Tzu's Art of War, which emphasizes the importance of perceiving unchanging colors among the five colors.

"Goshiki" itself conveys the concept of drawing fresh ideas by merging countless existing ones.

I decided on this name as it also holds significance to me personally, with Goshiki Beach being in my hometown of Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture.
Hence, the company was named "Goshiki" based on these two meaningful connections.

Representative Director Tatsuro Tanaka

Tatsuro Tanaka


2004: Started business as a sole proprietorship
2006: Reorganized as a limited liability company with 3 million in capital
2008: Increased capital by 7 million and reorganized as a joint stock company with 10 million in capital
2010: Started online shopping2013: Established a subsidiary in the U.S.
2016: Established an office and factory in NJ
2022: Establishment of Taiwan headquarters

The company's raison d'etre (also its philosophy) is
"Life is beautiful to be rushed: to continue to be a company organization where all employees are happy to work.

In life, every wonderful moment eventually comes to an end.
As a company where we spend a significant portion of that precious time, our primary objective is to contribute meaningfully to society.
Moreover, it is essential for those around us to value our employees, and we strive to enhance their lives.
The core purpose and philosophy of our company revolve around creating an environment where all employees find fulfillment and happiness in their work, cherishing the beauty of life without rushing through it.
We are committed to maintaining this organization, ensuring that each individual's journey with us remains enriching and satisfying.