What is Resolution?

Resolution is a numerical value that indicates the fineness of image quality. The higher the number, the better the image quality.
Images used on the Internet look fine on a monitor, but are very rough when printed.


Color and grayscale resolution of 350 dpi recommended




The best resolution for printing is 300-350 dpi. 300-350 dpi is a good target for image correction. For posters and other items that can be viewed from a distance, 150 dpi will be acceptable, but for business cards and other data, it will seem coarse.  This is the image quality for web content. This resolution is fine for a sample, but will result in a very rough image quality for a printed piece.

1200 dpi resolution is recommended for 2-tone mode

Unlike grayscale, monochrome bi-tonal means that the image is represented in only two colors, black and white. Since only black and white is used, the image is sharply rendered. It is suitable for scanning handwritten illustrations or text, line drawings, etc.
However, the jagged edges (outlines) of an image in black-and-white 2-tone mode are more noticeable than in color photos. For this reason, we recommend a high resolution of 1200 dpi when saving B&W 2-shade images.

Save as 1200dpi

  Save as 350dpi

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Basically, we do not check the image quality, assuming that the customer has checked the image quality, etc. in advance.
However, if the image quality is too poor that the necessary text cannot be read, we may ask the customer to confirm the quality once.