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Need a new dessert at your restaurant?

Our wholesale Japanese pudding, along with our range of other delectable treats like Panna Cotta and Tiramisu are available at our Irvine store.

Our pudding stands out as the top-selling item, prompting us to venture into wholesale operations. Currently, we've secured contracts with four stores to distribute our products.

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Japanese Pudding

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Strawberry Panna Cotta

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$2.25 (4oz)

$2.85 (6oz)

$3.25 (8oz)

Starting from 1 piece

Free Samples Available

We offer complimentary samples of our products. Would you be interested in trying a sample and exploring the possibility of partnering with us for distribution?

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Ordering schedule

Twice a week delivery

*We will be as flexible as possible when stock runs out.

1) Saturday night order Monday delivery

2)Wednesday night order Friday delivery

If you do not need the glass containers, we will collect them at the time of delivery.

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We can accommodate either end-of-the-month invoicing or on-demand payment arrangements.

Payment methods
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Scheduled Shipping

We will deliver twice a week to meet your needs.

Mason Jar

Glass jars are recoverable and eco-friendly

High quality

High quality sweets made with simple ingredients.

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Please contact us to order wholesale sweets and get free sample now!

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