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The Backlit Counter comes with Lighting on the edges of the counter at the front and on the top.  The counter makes a lasting impression. When it's time to pack up, this ingenious solution comes to the rescue. It effortlessly accommodates your display materials, banners, and promotional items, transforming into a compact carry case with built-in handles and wheels for easy transport. The kit includes ABS recyclable material board top and base, durable metal tubing, full color printed stretch fabric shell with a built-in LED strip, and a 20,000 mAh rechargeable battery, packaged in a portable bag. 

Weight - 12 Kg
Product Size - 90CM(L)*40CM(W)*97CM(H)
Table Size - 40CM*90CM
Table Material - ABS environmentally friendly recyclable plastic
Banner size - 242*101CM
Banner Material: Stretchy fabric

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