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Size:  approx. W180×H135mm (when closed)

Color: White

Back Color: White

 Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane

Full color All Over printing

Lead time: 2~3 weeks to ship

It feels even cooler when wet with water!

Repeatedly washable and cool when touch

Minimum Order Quantity: 30 units


It lasts about 5 minutes of cool sensation when wear it.

Please note that different people have different feelings.

This is an original print and cannot be returned due to customer circumstances.

*When using for the first time, please wash before use.
*This product has already been tested for the cool feeling by contact.
*This product is not a sanitary mask or dust mask. Also, it has no effect of blocking viruses. Please use it to prevent the spread of splashes and as a measure against pollen and dust.
*Care is done by hand wash and it is recommended to use hand soap etc.
*There are individual differences in how the cool feeling of the mask is felt.
* Should you experience any abnormalities that do not suit your skin, discontinue use.

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