Custom 3 columns Desk Calendar (3 months display) 30 units~



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Custom 3 columns Desk Calendar (3 months display)

Finished size: 9x5" Calendar part 9"x4" (3"x4" each)
Mount: Interleaf paper type (postcard thickness)
Calendar: 12 months
Full color printing 


Desktop type calendar.

The calendar part is lined up every 3 months. It is also possible to display the US and Japanese holidays separately.
Custom design allows you freely to specify the company logo and image of the company.
Previously, there was a limit to the calendars for putting designs on ready-made products, so that there were many cases where the originality of the company could not be achieved.
Since we have our own printing equipment, we manufacture original calendars that meet the detailed needs of our customers.
You can also choose the color of the ring from black, white and navy. Comes with a transparent envelope.


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