Half Fold Business Card (Stamp Cards/Shop Cards)



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This is a popular double-folded card for shop cards and more.
You can choose from two types, vertical type and horizontal type.
Vertical type size: unfolded 4x3.5 "finished size 2x3.5"
Horizontal type size: 2x7 "when unfolded, 2x3.5" finished
There is one score in the center of the fold.
The outside of the paper is glossy and the inside is uncoated so it is ideal for the signatures and stamps for royalty stamp cards for example.
A slightly unique way to use it is with your own personal business card.
Why don't you try self-promotion or company PR on the inside?
There would be an outstanding impact!


*Vertical type opens up vertically
*Horizontal type opens up horizontally

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