Japanese Paper Lantern (Chochin) - Long Rounded 25 (H140 x W75cm・H55.11 x 29.52") Full Color Black & White Printing



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Chochin are Japanese lanterns that have been crafted in Japan as far back as 1085. They are traditionally made with a bamboo frame covered in silk or paper.

Chochin are used to decorate shrines, temples and businesses. They are particularly associated with traditional drinking spots such as Izakaya that usually have a red chochin out front with the name of the business written in shoji calligraphy. (Ref: Japan Talk)

・Products are shipped from Japan.
・High-quality print on Japanese paper(Washi).
・Full color custom printing available.
・Perfect for restaurant, retail display or event use.

Product Size:

9 (H53 x W24cm・H20.86 x 9.44")
12 (H61 x W34cm・H24.01 x13.38")
15 (H70 x W42cm・H27.55 x 16.53")
17 (H81 x W49cm・H31.88 x19.29")
18 (H87 x W49cm・H34.25 x 19.29")
20 (H97 x W56cm・H38.18 x 22.04")
21 (H105 x W44cm・H41.33 x 17.32")
22 (H117 x W50cm・H46.06 x 19.68")
25 (H140 x W75cm・H55.11 x 29.52")
30 (H155 x W90cm・H61.02 x 35.43")

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