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Introducing traditional Japanese Tenugui cloth!
You can use it instead of a towel, or wrap it around your neck to protect yourself from the cold and sunburn!

* There is a white border around

Print area W370xH260mm (14.5x10.2 ")

[Precautions for use]
・ Because it is printed, the color may fade. Please hand wash before use.
・ When washing, please hand wash separately from other items.
・ If exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a long time, the color may fade or discolor.
・ The color may fade or stain (transfer) if used in a wet state, strong friction, or sweat. Please be careful.


Approx. W450 x H330 ~ 350mm (17.7 x 13 ~ 13.4 ")

* There may be a margin of about 10 mm on one side.

Print Range Within W370 x H260 mm (14.5 x 10.2") (whole surface printing is not available)

Oka fabric 45 cm (17.7") 100% cotton

Printing method Pigment

No Wrapping

*Fold in half in units of 50 sheets

Delivery Time Estimated delivery time: 27 business days after order confirmation
Box Size/Weight Depends on Qty Print color Supports up to 7 colors
Qty per case Depends on Qty Proof Not Available
Min(shipping unit) 200 sheets ~ Options

1. Transparent bag, unit price + $ 0.3



Pigment printing is performed by placing ink on the fabric, so the printed surface becomes a little hard.
In addition, please hand wash first before use as the color may fade.
Since the ink does not pass through to the back side, the back side that is not printed and it remains original as a white background.


About the fabric

Traditional Japanese Tenugui towels have their edges cut off.
Tenugui with unsewn edges dry quickly and can be used hygienically without collecting dirt and dust, making them very suitable for the hot and humid climate of Japan.
In addition, since it has no seams, it can be easily split, so it can be cut to the desired size and used.
A new Tenugui towel will fray from both ends at first, but it will settle down after washing several times and will stop naturally about 1 cm from the end.
If it frays, cut only the long thread with scissors.


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