Rental Tension Fabric Display - Straight Shape 8x8 ft


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 This is a series of back panel rental
Even if you purchase them, there is a period of time until the next exhibition.
It takes a lot of time and effort to bring them to the venue.
This is a rental package to solve such a problem.

8ft Straight Tension Fabric Display
Our Tension Displays consist of a lightweight but durable aluminum hardware and a Fabric Dye-Sublimated Print. The hardware is inserted inside the print, much like a pillow into a pillowcase. The fabric print is stretched tight across the frame and zipped close.

Included in the price
Shipping to and from the U.S.

Design Help needed?
$300 extra charge applies.

High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
Optional double sided is available
Dye sublimation
Scratch resistant 

8.8 oz. Tension Fabric

Size and Weight :  
Display Size: 96”W x 89”H
Graphic Size: 90”W x 89.5”H
Weight (w/ soft canvas bag): 30 lbs
Weight (w/ podium & led lights): 52 lbs

*Shipped via FedEx Ground only
*Other shipping method is subject to extra charge

About the purchase
**Only the fabric portion belongs to the customer.
**Please note that if you send it back to us in error, it will be returned to you for a fee.

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