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Because we make them in-house, we can offer such low price.
You can choose from two types of paper, gloss and matte.
Water Proof is also available. Please contact us.
Please use it as a shop logo sticker or image sticker
Same-day shipping is also possible at the earliest.
Please feel free to contact us.

NOTE: Sticker materials are meant for indoor use only.
We do not recommend outdoor use.

Qty: 100~

Type: Die Cut

Paper types: Gloss, Matte

Color: Full color

Available Sizes: 1x3", 1.5x3", 2x3.5", 2x4", 2x6", 2x8", 3x4", 3x5", 3x6", 3x9", 4x6", 4x8", 4x9", 5x8", 6x9", 8.5x11" (all within these ranges or up to the range)

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