Street and Sidewalk Decals


Size: 1x2 ft (12x24 inches)
Shape: Square / Rectangle

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Known by a number of different terms including sidewalk graphics, street graphics, concrete stickers, etc., street and sidewalk decals are the perfect way to personalize any outdoor walkway and some traffic areas* such as driveways and parking lots. Unlike most outdoor floor graphics, ours are manufactured out of a recyclable, PVC-free aluminum foil base, which boasts a longer lifespan, more vibrant colors, and better slip-resistance than vinyl alternatives.
Custom street graphics are also abrasion and weather resistant, conformable to unsmooth or uneven surfaces, can be installed and removed without special tools or extra hassle, and are certified slip resistant.
Custom street and sidewalk decals are perfect for events, festivals, races, campus tours, and walkways to direct foot traffic, advertise sales, brand storefronts and more.
*Can withstand “rolling vehicle traffic” which means traffic that drives straight over the graphic but does not stop, turn, or grind directly on top of the graphic.

We could help with installation (an extra charge applies)

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