Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display - Straight Shape 10x8 ft


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10ft Straight Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display
The pop-up display is so quick and easy to assemble with its pop-up mechanism. Attached fabric graphic on to the pop-up frame with Velcro, and folded along with the frame for storage or transport. When your next show comes around, simply expand the pop-up frame, and your graphic will expands with it.

High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
Dye sublimation 
Scratch resistant 

8.8 oz. Tension Fabric

Size and Weight :  
Display Size: 118”W x 89”H x 12"D
Graphic Size: 145”W x 89.5”H
Weight (w/ soft canvas bag): 31 lbs
Weight (w/ podium & led lights): 66 lbs
Package Size (soft canvas bag): 13”W x 13”H x 34”D
Package Size (hard case): 40”W x 21”H x 17”D
Podium Size: 37"W x 37"H x 20"D

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